23 May, 2011


1.      Ae ajnabi, tu bhi kahin - DIL SE
2.      Chupke, chupke chal ri - CHUPKE CHUPKE
3.      Megha chhaye adhi raat – Sharmilee S d burman lyrics by Neeraj, with the lyrics... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kLrlZHvClV4&feature=player_embedded mixing of western with Indian classical in interludes... begins with typically western piece using guitar, accordion, bongo and drums... ending with sitar and tabla with violin, flute and sarangi / esraj.. SDB trade mark roopak taal = 7 beats, rhythm western piece in interlude = 8 beats...!!! Yes, SD did a lot of fusion of western and Indian music further enriching the songs. The only other MD I can think of who did that rather rampantly was OP. Many of his songs had drums in the mukhra and dholak in the antara. There was no incongruity; It only left one marvelling. In Jaayiye aap kahan jaayenge , he did drums in the first mukhra, followed by tabla in the second , to be again followed by drums in the antara.The purists hated it .My parents couldn't stand him. AIR banned him , but the freshness and new approach that he brought will always be revered. SD I'd place on a much higher pedestal. Not only did he fuse , but always kept melody as his centrepiece- whether folk based or classical. DHOORATHIL NAAN KANDA UN MUGAM - NIZHALGAL this song is not in the movie. but a classic piece of raja set in raga patdeep. hindustani equivalent of gowri manohari.... Since the Tamil song was not picturised, Illayaraaja used the tune in the Telugu Film 'Sitara' and it fetched S Janaki a National Award. song is Vennello Godari Andam - Sitara | Ilayaraja | Veturi | S. Janaki... for which S.Janaki won national award.
4.    mun mohan mukhda.1943..radharani kasinath.. PLS NOTE THIS & the other one same name ARE BOTH DIFFERENT versions... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JT8X2hazSBQ&feature=related
5.   mun mohan mukhda.1943..radharani Mukhra Pankaj Mullick.... very old New Theatre film "Kashinath Pankaj Mullick singing live and exploring the Raag. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DRkehkkZXpk&feature=player_embedded#at=153
6.   Odhni Rongeyili Ronaare feeling of sufism in the love..madness of love towards his lover.... maintains the devotional enthusiasm for love...composed by Abhishek Ishteyak... emerging music composer of bollywood
7.     Saaz ho tum awaz hun main - Just Sing/play this piece of note 'N S g m P N S' g' R' S' N D P m P g m m g R S ...again n again...then sing the song. Same that (Kafi), near same notes. what really makes this Patdeep is main use of pa, which is the mukhya swar of this raag.
Patdeep has Sudha Madhyam while Madhuwanti has Tivra Madhyam.
Raga Patdeep 'N S g m P N S' S' N D P m g R S
Raga Madhuwanti 'N S g M P N S' S' N D P M g R S
Raga Bhimplasi 'n S g m P n S' S' n D P m g R S
8.   Tum Bin Jaoon Kahan - Rafi - Pyar Ka Mausam [1969] The mukhda is in Patdeep Rafi and Kishore in Pyar Ka Mausam http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cpbXDsoSSVI I think Mukhda is also not Patdeep becoz... * m - - m - - - - S G G G - - - - G m G - S n' - S - d' - - - d' n' S G - - - - G P G m - - - P - Pg - - - nd Pd - - -

2.      ROSHAN JAMAL-E-YAAR SEY HAY MEHDI HASSAN 9:29 MINUTES OF PURE MAGIC Hasrat Mohani was a revolutionary poet and a freedom fighter. His name is there in history text books. This ghazal was an exception. Wonderful poetry "Dekho to husn-e-yaar ki jaadoo nigahiyan Be-hosh ik nazar mein hui anjuman tamaam" "Allah re jism-e-yaar ki khoobi ke khud-bakhud rangeeniyon mein doob gaya perhan tamaam" His tabla nawaz was "Peer Bux"

1.      If you want to learn abt this raag, a gem... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WbfIVMtM5YQ&feature=related



raj said...

Done lot off hard work to get this I know.Thank you very much and I appreciate with all my heart for the effort .Thanks!thanks! thanks!
God bless you!

KD said...

Can you pls help in identifying this raag, the aroha has sR g M p D n S, has similar flow as Patdeep, with beautiful n P transition . Teevra Madhyam is very prominent, as well as komal Ni, so obviously different from Patdeep.

Radhika Narayanan said...

Great information. Thank you!
Another beautiful composition of Ilayaraja sir is "Kanna Varuvaaya Meera Ketkiraal"