17 July, 2011


k.l.saigal..singing ragas..tansen..1942
Songs & dialogues by d.n.madhok & the film was directed by jayant desai & made by Ranjit studios Bombay.
This is not a song, but a rendition in a very rare and special video clip. Khemchandra Prakash presented a situation, in which Taansen is seen creating new raagas, which Saigal very easily and beautifully rendered the sargams of: दरबारी, मियां की मल्हार and मियां की तोड़ी in a sequence, which created the first रागमाला in a Hindi film. 
He sounds so melodious in Kharaj, 'mandra saptak' swaras & sings the part (32-34 seconds) with so much ease, something even trained classical singers find difficult. 
This is the same master who sang 'Piya bin naahin....' (sung by the exponent of 'taar saptak', the great Ustad Abdul Karim Khan Saheb). 
Some range !! Saigal was trained by Ustad Faiz Khan Sahib".

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